Monday, March 18, 2013

Gay Cruising Spot: The Dark Side of Chelsea - The Eagle NYC

Eagle Bar NYC
Outside of the Eagle during Folsom East
Name: The Eagle NYC

Location: Chelsea, New York City

This bar (554 W. 28th Street between 10th and 11th Ave) is perched on the far west edge of Gay neighborhood Chelsea. The street, which used to be a very straight hotspot area; has now be gentrified to be a residential quiet area with the exception of Scores, a straight titty bar on the same southside of the street. The place is hard to find but if you pass Scores then you know you're heading in the right direction. The place has gone through some renovations that I'm aware of and has become the beacon of leather bars that is left in this ever-evolving city.

The bar has three levels, a main floor, second and rooftop. A labyrinth of stairways through the bar; excellent for cruising to find potential hookups. The clientele has a more masculine rugged look to themselves and more mature then typical gay bars in Chelsea. Every body type from Chubby bears, twinks and otters to masculine smooth jocks and hairy wolf men.
Rooftop bar view

Rooftop bar is only open during the summer but you can still access it during the winter for a smoke break or very "private" conversation.

Security is here strict on lips below the hips so be careful with blowjobs and rimjobs. However, they tend to man the main entrance and emergency exit areas. They can't be in all places all the time.

The best locations for a little extra something in public is on the second floor. One in the back corner behind the bathrooms and the open area across from the second floor bar or the back area of the rooftop; the latter requires a lookout guy or a very slow night.  Then, the dual bathrooms each one with special benefits. The smaller one is excellent for voyeur, who want to pretend to piss but watch the action across the fence that hangs above and divides the two bathrooms. In the larger bathroom, this is where most of the action takes place either in the two stalls or in the heavily-packed pissing troughs that run the full side of the each of the bathrooms.

I've fucked many times in the stalls while trying to keep dudes from coming in and gotten blown, blew and fucked numerous times in the corner especially during Folsom East; I will share that experience in a later post.

On a scale one to five, I give The Eagle 3 cumshots; it loses points for the Security killing many fun moments and the infrequent ability to get off sometimes and having to go pay $22 dollars at the After Hours Club to fuck and cum.

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