Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gay Cruising Spot: Descending into the gay abyss also known as The Cock - updated 12/13/15

93 2nd Avenue in East Village, Manhattan
*UPDATED* 12/13/15 The Cock has moved from 29 2nd Avenue to 93 2nd Avenue

"What's in a name?" - Shakespeare

Name: The Cock

Location: East Village, New York City

Hours of Operation: 6pm-4am free before 11pm
Inside view of the Cock
This sleazy dive bar is located at the corner of 2nd Ave bet. 1st and 2nd Street. The bar marked with a red rooster hanging from above. There's a cover charge of $10 most nights and $15-20 on special holiday weekends, Black Party and Daniel Nardicio events.

The bar is relatively small compare to most gay bars in the city. Not many trains (6 and N, R) are located near it. The staff is very friendly and professional. There's a coat check available during the fall and winter months.

As far as patrons, there's something for everyone especially if you have an open mind and an open leg policy. The men vary from hipsters, average joes, some jocks, DL thugs, tweakers/cokeheads and international tourists. The bar is scarce during the early hours of operations (11-1pm). Depending on the day and the event, the bar becomes very packed with very little wiggle room to move around. The area closes to the DJ booth tends to have people dancing while in the back are some dark corners that allows you to get more acquainted with some of the patrons. And with the right patron, you can go beyond a simple blowjob. Drugs are frowned upon and will get you kicked out. They also warn you about pickpocketing but they tell you at the door to keep your belongings in your front pocket and that tends to work. I've never been pickpocketed while I was there but I do make a conscious effort to keep up with my belongings.

Cruising Etiquette #1 - DON'T  use your cell phone as a flashlight to voyeur into the action. Either stay where it's well lit or go in with an open mind/leg philosophy and have fun. However if you're not sure, allow some time for your eyes to adjust the dim lit bar and decide for yourself if you want to participate. Condoms are provided at the bar if you like to play it safe.

Cruising Etiquette #2 - Leave the your (girl)friends and catty commentary at home. No one wants to hear play-by-play or you giggling while they're trying to get off. The only sounds should be the music, slurping dick sounds and sexy moans. That's it.

Overall, I give The Cock Five cumshots of pleasure for it's clientele, dark rooms(areas) and hookup possibilities. On many occasions, I have gotten sucked off, giving head(some of the best cocks in town) and either breed a hole, jerked off and cum or went home with someone.

Best nights are Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Sperm) as well as Daniel Nardicio's party on select Thursdays.

Breed you

Feel free to share your favorite stories in the comment section about this wonderful place.

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  1. Best time was with a twinky visitor from Nashville and a Cock bartender on his day off. Don't remember what led up to it but ended up with a threeway by the ATM. Was just us without anyone putting their hands in trying to get in on the action. Bartender and I both blew in the twink and we left happy.